Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hold On There, Fluffy!

Well, it appears that this baby is the most impatient of them all. We (the doctors and I) had anticipated that she would probably try and make an early appearance, like her brothers did, we just weren't thinking it would be at 33 1/2 weeks. As much as I hate it, I have been ordered to stay off my feet and focus only on drinking lots of water and not stimulating any more contractions. May I just say, it is very boring.

This is day #2 of "lazy mommy" and I have already noticed that sitting down and relaxing is keeping the contractions away. As soon as I get up and work for 30-40 minutes they kick back in. Right now our goal is to keep her in the cooker. My OB says that she would be very happy if we made it to 36 weeks since baby would be big enough for the hospital not to fly us to Phoenix and she would probably have enough immunity to not need an incubator. Via ultrasound and measuring techniques they are estimating her to be about 4 lbs right now, so every week we keep her inside is another 1/2 lb she will be able to gain. She is healthy and lively, just a little peanut :)

If you could remember to pray that she would wait until her time, gain weight quickly, and that her Mommy wouldn't go insane being confined to the recliner- I would sure appreciate it. On a lighter note: during the ultrasound she looked over to her brothers and stuck her tongue straight out! The ultrasound tech was like: "Did you just see that? She stuck her tongue out! Twice!" It starts already!

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