Monday, March 11, 2013

Where Have You Been???

This has been a very busy six weeks, so I apologize to everyone who has been waiting for blog updates and wondering where in the world we went. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but about 5 weeks ago I was taken on as our church secretary, so I'm having to rearrange our days according to how many phone calls come in. We've also been trying to get a few home improvement projects done before baby comes: lots of nights spent painting, sanding, and assembling furniture and shelving! 

Now that we are nearing the finish line with Baby Fluffy I have been going to the doctor's every 2 weeks and will soon begin going into town for weekly appointments. Here is a picture from the last ultrasound. Her name is Madeline, by the way :)

School days with Timothy have been a real joy. He learns so quickly and is so eager to learn it's hardly any work for either of us. He has recently developed an interest in working mazes so I was glad to find a little workbook filled with different levels of mazes that he does on his down time, in addition to his writing practice and number/alphabet activities. 

Nathan is always close by and has been learning a few things as well. He is starting to try to sing the ABC song, asking what color things are and is trying to count - he's up to three so far!

And of course, there have been a few snow day that we had to take advantage of! Unfortunately, all of the snowy weather means more virus' and colds in the air so we have had our fair share of "bugs" this month.

The biggest ting to happen this month was Nathan's 2nd birthday. We couldn't find any firetrucks to go on the cake that wouldn't be damaged by frosting or washing them off- so Nathan's second choice was a "scooper truck" cake.

We decided to skip the toys and get him seven new books with a fireman/ fire station theme.

He started reading right away and we had to remind him that he had more presents to open :)

He did get some toys from family near and far, including a firechief truck. Noises and Lights!

Lastly, we went on a family trip over the weekend. See if you can guess where we were.

Here's your final clue.

I will post some pictures of our trip in the next few days, right now I have to unpack!

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