Thursday, April 4, 2013

According to Nathan

While I was sitting on my bed folding the laundry Nathan decided to keep me company. His vocabulary is expanding every day and some of the things he said was making me laugh so hard because he sees the world so differently at this age. Everything he hears and observes goes into his little brain and sometimes his analysis of it is pretty hilarious. 

First he attempted to climb on my back and get a horsey ride.
"Nathan, climb down. Mommy can't be a horsey."
"Mommy have a baby inside?"
"Yes, Mommy has a baby inside."
Then he lifted up my shirt and hugged my belly. He looked up at me and said, "Her coming out."
"Yes, she will be coming out soon."
He stood up, reached his hands in the air and said, "Like a rocket! Pshooom!"

Then he wandered over to where the bassinet was set up.
"Fluffy's bed?"
"Yep, that's Fluffy's bed."
He bent down and looked under and said, "It has wheels."
"It has wheels."
"Please! I drive it! I drive Fluffy's bed, please!" he said while pretending to drive a race car and then trying to climb inside.

After getting over the disappointment of not be able to "drive" the bassinet he began pacing the room and casually rehearsing the house rules with me; or at least the ones he could remember.
#1 Be kind.
#2 Not hitting.
#3 Oh Snap! is not nice  (He heard someone say that phrase a while back and liked the way it sounded and I'm trying to get him to stop saying it)
#4 Only Mommy and Daddy paint walls
#5 Be quiet. Daddy's working.

We were watering the plants yesterday and the leaky hose made a big mud puddle. I couldn't say no when they asked to jump in it. I did say no when they decided to paint my van with it :)

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