Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review: Listen Buddy

I know two little boys who recently have taken up the habit of "turning their ears off", as we like to call it. Naturally, when I saw a book called Listen Buddy  written by the beloved author of  Tacky the Penguin (one of my favorite books as a child) I knew it was a must read. 

The story begins by presenting the reader with Buddy the growing rabbit with an ever growing problem:
"Buddy's father had a beautiful big nose. He was a great sniffer.
Buddy's Mother had beautiful big teeth. She was a great chomper.
Buddy had beautiful big ears. It didn't matter."

I read this book before bedtime last night and when I said to Timothy without realizing, "Listen buddy" Nathan started laughing right away and saying; "He gave him a hen. He need a pen." He has been laughing to himself about this book all morning and telling everyone to "listen buddy".

Buddy had a problem with only listening halfway and getting instructions mixed up. After taking the wrong path and bumping into the Scruffy Varmint Buddy learned the hard way that he needs to listen a little more closely when people are talking to him if he doesn't want to end up as rabbit soup.

 This is a very simple, easy story to read that gets the kids imaginations and minds working as they watch how buddy confuses words that sound the same but are very different. At the price of $6-10 new it's a good book to add to you're collection, especially if you have "little buddies" around your home.

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  1. Sounds like a book we could use, too. I just requested it from the library.