Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Robot Shoes

Every time I pull up my blog I think about how badly I need to update it. Those sidebar pictures are over a  year old! I meant to change those out but then my photoshop subscription expired and I never bothered to find an alternative. I guess I'll have no choice once baby gets here.

 I'm pretty sure that I'm behind on book reviews as well. I went online a few months ago and compiled a list of Books to Read Before Turning Five and the boys and I have been having fun requesting and receiving new library books and checking them off of our list as we read them. Again, I am without excuse. 

There is a real reason for this post. 
Question. Why is it that dads are always so much cooler than moms? 

Nathan had a rough night and woke up with a cold which made him more than a little emotional this morning.  He was just upset about everything and so I was trying to distract him and cheer him up a bit. Singing silly songs, sitting together and coloring, a video, playing with play dough...nothing was working. 

Suddenly, the office door opens and there stands Daddy with two empty tissue boxes. "Look Nathan! Robot shoes!" he says, slides the boxes onto Nathan's feet and then heads back to work. I KID YOU NOT- the sunshine magically came bursting through the kitchen window as the happiest child alive padded around in "robot shoes" for the next thirty minutes! 

Being really, REALLY cool just seems to come effortlessly when you're a dad. I think they just "get it" because they were little boys once too. Oh well, the important thing is Nathan stopped whining!

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