Friday, June 14, 2013

Kids are Funny

We were outside one evening and spotted a big black beetle, a stink bug, that Nathan could not resist. Since Nathan finds bugs fascinating and very fun to squish I was not surprised when he leaned down and flicked the beetle and then proceeded to blow on it. Well, the blowing startled the fellow and Nathan found out why it's called a stinky bug. Lucky for him they only spray about two inches.

We headed inside to wash up and as I was washing his hands he said, "That beetle peed on me! Beetles need diapers."

Blueberries were on sale so we picked up a bunch and I put them in our belgian waffles the next morning. Nathan wasn't too thrilled to see big blobs in his waffles and started crying and said that someone made his waffle yucky. I said, "Well, my waffle tastes yummy and I'm gonna eat it all gone and grow big and strong." He then picked up a big piece of waffle, smiled and told me how wonderful it tasted while flexing his tiny muscles. Sometimes moms have to be tricky :)

Nathan was playing quietly by himself when Timothy came over and decided that he wanted to play with the toy that his brother had. I was just a few feet away so he decided that it would not be the time to snatch the toy away and resorted to bargaining instead. After offering him every other toy in the house and demonstrating to him how much funner they were he switched tactics.

"Hey Nathan, do you want a dollar? Do you like money? Money is better than toys. Hey Nathan, do you want a dollar coin with a grandpa on it?"

During our money lessons he kept asking me the names of all "these old guys on the coins".

Madeline was lying down on the mad while Nana and I were chatting away. Suddenly she started screaming and turning red. After a quick look Nana figured out what was going on; "is she pulling her hair?" she asked. I rolled her onto her side and sure enough she had a bunch of her hair and was holding it tight! The look on her face was just too much- we couldn't help but laugh.

The poor girl pinches herself, steals her own pacifier and NOW she pulls her own hair. Hopefully she will figure out how her hands work soon!


  1. So you just kick a brother to the curb. Sign: former Uncle Greg

    1. Uncle Greg comment not mine . Mom h I showed him the kids and your blog from my phone