Monday, June 3, 2013

One Month

We've successfully reached the end of our first month as a family of five. Hoorah!
Everything has been going along surprisingly well, I wouldn't say it's been easy, but I'm certainly shocked by how well we're all working together.

Everyone has been working together to make sure bedtime stories are still being read. 

Madeline has stolen all of our hearts and received an abundance of cuddles in return. 

Here she is weighing in at a full 8 lbs now! I love her crazy hair- we still can't tell if it's more red, brown, or blonde. Time will tell :)

With things being busier than ever we've all fallen asleep in a heap more than a few times. 

We've even crashed in our church clothes after a busy Sunday!

We were very blessed to receive two giant packages in the mail this week.

One box was all diapers and the other had book and puzzles for the boys and a million things for Madeline.

She got seven new headbands which are being put to good use. Thanks so much to some sweet ladies!

And with it being spring in Arizona the boys have taken up a new hobby; chasing down all the bugs in the house, the church, and just about everywhere else. It's Arizona so there is no shortage!

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