Monday, June 3, 2013

Semi School

I'm no Super Mom so school work has been postponed for a while. But, I've been trying to make sure we do something educational or creative a few times a week.

The boys sorted and counted coins together. 

First Nathan separated the "brown" from the "silver".

Then Timothy separated the small, medium, and large. (quarters, nickels, and dimes)

Nathan stuck all his pennies in random rolls while I had Timothy stack all his coins in piles of ten and then we rolled them up.

Today I felt brave and let the boys paint for the first time. We had to do it inside since it was windy for a few hours today.

They had a blast and didn't get as messy as I thought.

The summer programs at the library start this week so that will help to make sure we are all learning and staying out of trouble. We're gonna go see a juggler this week!

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