Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tim Wants to Get Married

We had an interesting discussion in the car tonight. Timothy said that when he got bigger he was going to get married. I couldn't resist:

Me: Who are you going to marry?

Tim: Fluffy, when she is bigger.

Me: You can't marry your sister

Tim: Okay, I'll marry Nathan then.

Me: You can't marry him either. Boys have to marry girls; like Mommy and Daddy. 
(I list examples of other married couples that he knows)

Tim: Then I'll marry you

Me: I'm already married to Daddy

Tim: How about Nana?

Me: She's married to grandpa and you can't marry anyone in your family. It's against the rules.

Tim: What about grandpa?

Me: He's a boy and in your family AND he's already married to Nana!

Tim: Okay, I'll just pick Uncle Brad then. (We started laughing uncontrollably)


Tim: Wait. Nathan can marry Uncle Brad- I want to marry Cadbury. (he is a dog)

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  1. I agree with Tim I would marry cadbury too . LOL . I love it . Grandma