Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Summer Everyone!

I haven't been able to blog because the internal memory on my computer is full and I can't put any of the pics  from the camera into the computer. I managed to free a little space to upload a few pics so bear with me :)

We decided to work on a large flower bed running alongside our house. That was about two weeks worth of work, weeding, breaking up the hard soil, and removing hundreds of rocks. Then we set out a brick border, fertilized and began planting. A lot of good family time, though.

There was a "dino dig" at the library last week and the library offered to give us the 400 lbs of sand leftover along with the dinosaurs and eggs left behind. I quickly popped online and found a covered sandbox for $10 on craigslist and we were set!

(digging for dino eggs)

All of the other kids were finding eggs quicker than Nathan so when he found one he quickly stuffed it into his pants...which he struggled to hold up.

We used about 100 lbs of the sand for leveling the bricks in the flower bed, put about 250 lbs in the sandbox and have 100 lbs leftover for who knows what!

Our July 4th was loads of fun. The usual afternoon at Nana's house with lots of watermelon and swimming. Our town decided to do fireworks this year so we didn't have to drive into Prescott. Actually, the fireworks were at the community center one block from us!

Nana likes to smoosh the kids faces against hers and give big kisses. Everyone of my babies has made the face Madeline has on- they hate it!

Nathan had the same idea about hiding things in his pants during the water balloon fight

When we finished eating all of Nana and Grandpa's snacks...

...we headed over to our place and set out chairs on the deck to watch the show. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and my family moved across the street from Disneyland- fireworks every night!

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  1. I miss those days. Se were all laughing about that at grandma Linda's . On the 4th . And how after living there awhile we hated it . Lol Mom