Friday, July 19, 2013

Landscaping Ideas

As I mentioned, we have been working on some landscaping around our yard. We planted some rose bushes earlier this week and we picked up climbing vines (Mandevilla) last night. I was out in the yard getting one planted under our "eclectic" trellis (old ladders we were given) when Tim had to go inside to use the restroom. He comes back outside and says, "When you guys are done digging that hole maybe we could plant some hide-and-go-pee bushes." I, of course, had to ask what exactly a hide-and-go-pee bush was. "Nana and Grandpa have lots of them. Oh, they're great! You don't have to walk back and forth to go to the house and you don't even have to flush! Or wash your hands!"

We are having a lot of fun working on the yard. I think we might be getting a bit carried away, but it's hard not to when we derive so much enjoyment from it! I went over one half of our yard with a rake and picked up piles of  stones and the boys are very slowly putting them into buckets for me. We're thinking of adding a pavestone border (we set out some bricks to see if we like the look) and filling it in with the free rocks. They're free and we certainly have plenty! After we irrigate that should cut down water costs and help with the weeds.

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