Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Week

It has been a super busy week. We had the finale of the summer program with the library on Wednesday, I got some infected wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, had a big VBS program on Friday and then Saturday we were working at the church for half the day. Matt has to retire the video system since a little critter got into the attic and chewed up some cables.

It's Sunday already and it's been a busy day as well! I stopped into the nursery after teaching my Sunday school class to check on Madeline and was playing with her- she laughed for the first time! One of my favorite milestones! Then I headed back into the sanctuary where I noticed one of the men was headed with a broom- there was a centipede on the ceiling! Only in Arizona could the people continue to sing while a centipede is being removed from the service.

I just finished making the homemade ice cream for the social tonight and am catching my breath while Timothy sings me his new song: "Doe, a deer, a homemade deer". Yet another story to save for his teenage years!

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