Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Peace and Quiet

Timmy has a case of "the funks" today. He's not really sick, no fever or cough, he just doesn't feel like himself. He's been laying on the couch all day being quiet...not like him. Is it wrong for me to be slightly grateful? Let's face it: kids are just easier to catch when their sick:)

Yesterday was one of those days so I'm just enjoying a relativly calm day for a change. The boys were hyper and wild, not bad, just wild. They woke up Madeline from her nap three times, were tearing through the hall yelling like t-Rex's and stacking up things precariously and jumping off. When I finally declared it to be nap time we had unexpected company. No nap.

Me: Timothy, what is Madeline doing?
Tim: sleeping.
Me: And what are you doing?
T: screaming.
M: I've already told you a million times that when Madeline is napping we have to play quietly
T: but Nathan is chasing me. I have to scream.
M: I don't care if a dragon breaks through the front door, scoops you up and tosses you across the living room. When Madeline is sleeping you don't make a peep.
T: Is it fire breathing?
M: just go away...

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  1. Lol . Well I remember you guys asking what I considered dumb questions when said stuff. Like where is your brain or what possessed you to think that was OK ? Or better yet you guys know the rules right how many times do I have to tell you guys . I am just going to get a tape recorder and just play it all day long with my answers. Love mom