Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Changes Are Coming

A few months ago Matt had applied and interviewed for a position at the college but declined the offer because the salary and benefits didn't justify the change of job. Yesterday they called back: met his terms, raised the salary offer, and said he has the option to work a few days out of the week at home to help defer the gas costs of the commute. They made the offer, begged, and then let him think about it. Anyways, he accepted the offer this morning and starts on Sept 4. It's a web development job not the IT fix it guy job he currently has and hates. He will a part of a team of guys his age who actually understand what he is saying :) and he gets his own private office! 


  1. Praise the Lord! It sounds wonderful. We've been to that deer farm in Williams -- it was on our way back from the Grand Canyon some years ago.

    1. Well,if you ever get the "urge" to visit the deer again we are just an hour away :)