Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Exterminator

Let's go on a little trip to Borja House, shall we?

Nathan is supposed to be using the potty before nap time. I hear an odd mix of yelling and laughing followed by a haha and head in there to see what's up. The way he tells it; he saw a daddy long legs as he was about to "go" and decided the best way to deal with the situation would be to "shoot" it. I'll let you figure out what he used.

The best part? It was a ball of hair.

Into the shower we go so I can clean up the mess. I was gonna shower everyone after dinner anyways. I get the boys dressed and send them off to finally nap but Tim won't sleep. Why? Because I won't blow dry his hair.

 I quote: "My hair is all wet and flat. If you don't dry my hair I'm not going to church because everyone will call me Hairy Flathead". 

I should be upset but the hilarity of it all is just too much. I think it's time for me to nap. 

1 comment:

  1. That is to funny where does he come up with this stuff? And he is to young to care what people say . Grandma Sheila