Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Adventures

As you can see, Madeline is growing quickly and keeping up with her brothers pretty well.

She has been trying all types of new foods this month. 

Her first teeth are just about ready to poke through so these little rice rusks are a good gum massager and an easier way for her to get her rice cereal while Mommy does other things.

She is chugging along in her little walker like a pro. The other night she was following me around the kitchen while I cleaned up after dinner. I turned around after a few minutes and she had disappeared! I asked the boys if they took her somewhere but they didn't know where she was either. How do you loose an entire baby and walker?  Then we heard a tiny voice under the table- she is just the right height to glide under.

It's her new favorite place. We call it her Fluffy Cave.

My future Train Conductor and Fireman are working hard to get her to share their interests.

We built a track all the way around her and watched her wiggle and roll trying to see the trains.

Her favorite thing to do is play with bunches of brightly colored balls.

She gets so excited when she can finally catch one!


 We took a day trip to a family owned farm with some of our library friends.

There was a large field of pumpkins to go trudging through in search of the perfect pumpkin (or pumpkins) to take home with us. 

A little craft for Fall: using a -tip to paint fall colored dots on the tree. I have them hanging up in a window lighting up the kitchen. 

Timmy insisted on doing his worksheet himself yesterday. I came over to check it and asked him what was going on at the bottom of the page.

"I didn't know which one of these things started with s so I took my pencil, made a snake, and circled it."

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